TikTok's 'Bold Glamour' Filter Is Blowing People's Minds & Some Say It Goes 'Too Far'

One TikToker said the filter "should be illegal."

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TikToker Kelly Strack using the "bold glamour" filter.

TikToker Kelly Strack using the "bold glamour" filter.

Social media and pop culture already play a huge role in perpetuating unhealthy beauty standards for women, but now we also have to worry about the body dysmorphia that can be the result of the very "realistic-looking" beauty filters on apps like TikTok.

The new beauty filter on TikTok called ‘bold glamour’ has been receiving a lot of attention from women on the app, and they’re not all loving it.

Many women are calling out the filter for morphing people’s faces into someone they don’t even look like.

TikToker Rosaura Alvarez called the beauty filter “a problem,” and called out TikTok for taking it “a little too far."


As someone who experienced body dismorphia growing up this makes me sick to my stomach; tik tok u can’t be enabling this…it’s sickening for our youth 🤮 #filters #bodydismorphia

In her video, which now has 8.7 million views, Alvarez says, “you can’t even tell it’s a filter anymore!”

“As someone who experienced body dysmorphia growing up, this makes me sick to my stomach,” read the caption of her video. “TikTok u can’t be enabling this…it’s sickening for our youth.”

In another video, that now has over 5.6 million views, TikToker Joanna Kenny also called out the filter and showed her viewers how different it made her face look.

Kenny shared that the filter had already been used over 2 million times on TikTok and called it “crazy.”


DON’T USE THIS FILTER ⚠️ This is the viral filter everyone is using rn. Tell me honestly, have you ever not shown up irl because of how you’ve misrepresented yourself on social media? If so, you’re not alone ❤️‍🩹 You deserve to live a full and happy life without worrying about how you look doing it 💅 #poresnotflaws #boldglamour #beautystandards #beautystandardsarefake #bodyimagemovement #bodyimagehealing #joannakenny #toxicbeautystandards #skinconfidence #skinconfident #nofilterchallenge #fyp2023

“I don’t look anything like this, but the filter itself looks natural,” Kenny says. “I don’t want to say this about myself, but I actually look ugly when I take this filter off.”

“I’ve done a lot of work to unlearn that I owe prettiness to anyone,” continues Kenny. “So here’s a reminder for anyone that needs it, filtered skin is not a skin type.”

People in the comment section under the video quickly jumped in to remind Kenny that she doesn't need the filter.

One user wrote, ”I know we’re our worst critics, but damn girl, you are not ugly at all… sheesh.”

“No, omg, I instantly loved your face when the filter came off. You look so much warmer and kinder than the filtered face,” wrote another commenter.

TikToker Kelly Strack also jumped on the bandwagon and shared a video of herself with and without the filter on, and the difference is real.


This filter is really something else 😂 should I try and do a tutorial recreating this filter with makeup? #fyp #makeup #beauty #beautyfilter #boldglamour #AXERatioChallenge

In the video, with over 2.9 million views, Strack looks like she’s ready to go to a red-carpet event but shares that in actuality, she “just woke up.”

The beauty filter was why she looked so dolled up, and she didn’t hesitate to show her actual face in the following clip.

“This is not what I look like right now. This filter should be illegal,” Strack says.

Many others, like the popular TikToker Ophelia Nichols, posted similar videos to remind women that they didn’t need the filter to look beautiful.

Technality released a video on how much it would cost to actually recreate the filter with makeup and the bill would rack up to almost $1,000!

Bold Glamour: The Real Cost Of Generative AIwww.youtube.com

How do you use the bold glamour filter on TikTok?


#filter #boldglamour #beyou

It only takes a few clicks to use the filter on TikTok.

All you have to do is find a video where a TikToker is using the filter, which you can easily find by searching 'bold glamour' in the TikTok search bar, and clicking the first video you find.

Near the bottom left corner of the video and above the username and caption, there will be a little box that says the name of the filter, ‘bold glamour,’ with a yellow star icon next to it.

Once you click the box, you’ll be taken to the official page for the filter, which shows that it’s been used over 7.3 million times so far.

At the bottom of the page, there will be a red bubble with a video camera icon that says, ‘use this filter.’

When you click on the bubble, the screen will switch to your front camera, and voila, the filter will be on your face.

Warning: it happens really quickly and feels like a jump scare.

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
Sameen Chaudhry is a Staff Writer for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on TikTok drama and is based in Toronto, Ontario.