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Tim Hortons Used A Meme To Make Fun Of How Its Donuts Don't Always Look Good

Expectation vs. reality! 🍩
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Tim Hortons Donuts Don't Always Look Good & The Coffee Chain Made Fun Of Itself For It

We've all had that experience where you get Tim Hortons donuts but they don't look anything like they're supposed to, so you go make fun of it on social media.

Now the coffee chain is getting in on the action and using a meme to poke a little fun.

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Tims tweeted two pictures of the new Polar Bear Dream Donut from this year's holiday menu with one labelled "front of the Christmas tree" and the other "back of the Christmas tree."

The "front of the Christmas tree" donut looks very presentable with a smooth glaze and perfectly placed toppings.

You can tell that Tims meant for it to be a polar bear.

When it comes to the "back of the Christmas tree" treat, it's a different story.

The jelly bean nose is red instead of black and it's on top of the bowtie instead of in the middle of the donut.

Also, one of the bear's ears is missing!

This is like when Smile Cookies come out each year and so many of them are hilariously messed up.

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