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Hudson's Bay Says Ontario Shopping Rules Are 'Unfair' & They're Going To Court To Prove It

The retailer did not mince their words in a statement released December 10.
Hudson's Bay Says Ontario Shopping Rules Are "Unfair" & They're Going To Court To Prove It

Ontario's current rules mean the province's non-essential retailers had to close down — a restriction that's "unreasonable and unfair," according to Hudson's Bay.

The retailer issued a statement on December 10 announcing it had requested a judicial review of the province's COVID-19 regulations and how they pertain to non-essential shops.

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We have been left with no choice but to ask the Court to recognize the unfairness of the current situation. Hudson's Bay

In the statement, they say Ontario's choice to close some retailers has actively made the province's COVID-19 numbers worse by forcing more people to shop in fewer, more crowded stores.

"The Government’s approach is unreasonable and unfair, does not support our shared public health objectives and is causing undue stress and hardships to thousands of retail employees and businesses across the region," reads the statement.

Speaking on behalf of thousands of small and large retailers in Toronto and Peel region, Hudson's Bay says, they are going to the courts to advocate for a "fair and evidence-based solution" that allows their shops to stay open. 

Last week, HBC signed a letter along with dozens of retailers like IKEA and Indigo begging Ford to end the province's lockdown.

"The problem is that Ontario's policy of segregating 'non-essential' retailers from those deemed essential might actually be making things worse," wrote Hudson's Bay in the letter.

Narcity has reached out to Premier Ford's office for a comment.

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