Welcome to the future! At the Tim Hortons drive-thru, things are going to look a little different, with new digital screens that actually predict orders based on the weather coming soon. The same goes for Burger King and Popeyes locations in Canada.

Those digital screens are being installed across the country with loyalty programs like Tims Rewards, contactless payment and predictive selling fully integrated.

That means the boards are designed with technology that will suggest menu items based on previous orders, local weather patterns, time of day and more.

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10,000 locations across Canada will get the new screens

The new technology can actually learn the preferred ordering habits at each location and then show which menu items are the most ordered and trending there.

Remote and contactless payment at the new screens is meant to speed up drive-thru lanes since you can order and pay at the same time. 

More than 40,000 digital screens will be installed at more than 10,000 Tim Hortons and Burger King locations by mid-2022 and Popeyes is starting its own rollout later this year.

Tim Hortons drive-thrus can be very unique places here in Canada with people going through on dog sleds or in a kid's toy car.

Even Canadian "road rage" happens while people are waiting to place their orders.