To celebrate Halloween, Tim Hortons Timbits are going on sale for the whole weekend and even a couple of days after that!

If you're a registered Tims Rewards member, you can buy a 10 pack of the little treats for a discounted price when doing a mobile or online order.

Usually, that pack is $2.49 but now it's $1.49 so you get a full dollar off.

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November 3 the Timbits deal ends

This deal starts on October 30 and continues on past Halloween through to November 3 so there's lots of time get $1 off a 10 pack of Timbits.

Some locations are even selling spooky donuts to celebrate the holiday.

The chain is also doing a hot beverage giveaway right now where you can win free coffee and other hot drinks in-store.

So you could potentially get discounted treats and a free drink if you order Timbits online and then buy a beverage when you go pick them up.

Recently, Tims asked people on Twitter to explain how Timbits are made but with wrong answers only and the responses were amazing.