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Tim Hortons Is Giving Away Free Coffee This Week & You Don't Have To Pay To Win

You can get a free hot chocolate or tea, too!

Across the country, the Tim Hortons free coffee giveaway is on right now and other hot drinks are also available to be won. Plus, you don't even have to pay to win anything.

This contest is happening at locations in Canada now and will continue until November 6 which is when all of the prizes are expected to be won.

It first started back in March but was put on hold because of COVID-19.

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4,780,194 hot drinks available to be won

You can win a free coffee, tea, latte or hot chocolate when you order a hot drink.

When you're checking out, your Tims Rewards card will be scanned and if you don't have one, a QR code will be scanned at the cash register instead.

If you're randomly selected to win, you'll get your drink for free but if not, you'll have to pay.

There are about 4,780,194 prizes available to win now that the contest has resumed.

Also, there's a hack that can get you entered to win without having to order a drink at Tims.

While at a location trying to win something for free, you might spot unique things happening like people at the drive-thru on horseback or dog sleds.