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Canada's COVID-19 Case Count Is Actually Pretty Low Compared To Other Countries

But places like Australia and New Zealand have far less cases!

As the number of COVID-19 cases in Canada continues to steadily climb, similar trends are being observed in countries all over the world.

While the severity of the pandemic varies greatly from place to place, it's interesting to compares statistics from other countries around the world.

For example, in the same week both Canada and the United States reported record-breaking figures for new cases within 24 hours.

While Canada reported 3,004 new positive tests in one day, the United States confirmed more than 84,200.

Although the sizable population difference between the two countries cannot be discounted, it seems Canada's COVID-19 situation is more controlled than some other countries.

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How many cases does Canada have?

According to the federal government’s latest data, shared on October 28, Canada has reported 225,586 total cases of COVID-19.

Last week, the country recorded an all-time-high daily increase.

While provinces like Quebec and Ontario continue to break records of their own, other regions are yet to report a single person becoming sick.

In an emotional speech on October 27, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the “COVID-19 fatigue” in Canada and admitted that the pandemic “really sucks.”

However, in comparison with some other countries around the world, Canada seems to have a better handle on the situation.

How does this compare to other countries?

Statistics site Our World In Data has compared the total number of COVID-19 cases (per 1 million people) across every country in the world.

While the population of each place varies, the case-per-million breakdown helps to compare different places on a more level playing field.

According to this data, Canada’s total number of cases (per 1 million people) is 5,977.

Comparatively, by the same metric, Brazil has 25,725 cases, the United States has 26,761 and Mexico has 7,033.

Over in Europe, Belgium has 31,220 cases, Spain has 24,307 cases, the United Kingdom has 13,880 and Portugal has 12,591.

Is the situation better elsewhere?

While Canada appears to be managing the pandemic comparatively well, there are some countries that are reporting much lower total figures than us.

For example, Australia and New Zealand have had 1,080 cases and 330 cases respectively (per 1 million people).

Using the same metric again, China has reported 63 positive tests, while Thailand has reported 53 and Vietnam has reported 12.

While these figures provide an interesting insight into how each country is dealing with the pandemic, it’s worth keeping in mind that case figures depend on the number of tests being conducted in each country.

Further, these numbers represent only the confirmed and reported cases from each spot. Statistics for actual cases could be much higher.