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3 Women Took Their Horses To Timmies For One Last Ride & There Were So Many Feels (VIDEO)

Cody will most likely be gone before winter hits :(

If you thought drive-thrus were only for cars, think again.

The trio on horseback can be seen pulling up to the drive-thru window at a Tim Hortons on Monaghan Rd. in Peterborough, Ontario.

But there’s so much more to their story than the video lets on — it’s absolutely heart-bursting.

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They can be heard placing their order, only to be interrupted by a nearby person yelling “that is awesome!”

Nothing was ordered for the four-legged friends of course. But that didn’t stop another customer from offering to buy donuts for them.

[rebelmouse-image 25999728 photo_credit="Melissa Richardson | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="1536x2048"] Melissa Richardson | Instagram

The video was recorded last Thursday by Melissa Richardson - whose horse she is riding goes by the name Cody - after her friends Marissa and Ryanne surprised her with the idea.

“We just wanted to bring some joy to people who have been stuck inside, isolated through this whole pandemic,” Richardson wrote.

She goes on to say that it “brought a lot of smiles to a lot of people. And the horses enjoyed a new adventure.”

Ryanne, who can be seen riding the Appaloosa Miska, “wanted to ride through the Tim Hortons drive-through to kick it off her bucket list” Richardson writes.

She got to know the horse Cody through Marissa, who along with her family, “were looking for someone to take him on, help exercise him and spend time with him” Richardson says. “He’s a very special boy to a lot of people and I’m glad I got to bond with him the way I did, we all are” she goes on to say.

But this would likely be Cody’s last time going on a Timmies run.

Richardson says the vet told Marissa that Cody “was sound to ride but that the humane thing for him would be to let him go before winter hit” due to his heightened age and medical issues.

“When the girls knew for sure that I was coming to say my goodbyes to Cody,” Richardson writes, Marissa “asked if I’d like to have my last ride with our boy to be this one through town.”

And so they did.

As Richardson puts it, “this was his last big ride with his girls. He’s always loved people and attention so that’s definitely what he got!”

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