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Two Ontario Moose Wrestling In The Snow Is As Canadian As It Gets (VIDEO)

The great battle for Algonquin!

It doesn’t get much more Canadian than this.

Two moose were seen butting heads the other day at Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario. And to top it all off, it was snowing.

One of the best things Algonquin park is known for is its abundance of wildlife. And it did not disappoint.

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The look on my granddaughter's face was priceless. Virginia MacDonald

While spring is one of the best times to view these incredible animals in Alongnquin, they can be spotted all year round.

Virginia MacDonald had been camping in the park, but didn’t have luck finding any moose.

“We had our granddaughter with us and she has never seen a moose so we were kind of bummed that she didn't get to on this trip” MacDonald writes.

It wasn’t until they were leaving the park that they came across the animals.

The video captures one moose approaching another, with the two gently grazing their antlers together. The resulting clacking noise forming the soundtrack for the encounter. 

The moose that appeared to instigate the confrontation then begins to overpower the other one, as if playing a reverse game of tug of war.

But the battle was not over.

The moose on the right counters, showing dominance by forcing the first moose all the way back.

This type of display is not uncommon among moose, which ultimately lose their antlers during winter.

“The feeling I got was mind-blowing” MacDonald says. "The fact that these giants let us watch them is a gift. You have to respect them and give them their space. This was a once in a lifetime moment for me and my husband. And the look on my granddaughter's face was priceless."

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