The summer weather we have been experiencing lately is the perfect excuse to get outside!  When planning your next summer adventure, why not try something a little more out of the box than a typical hike.

Ontario offers some breathtaking and cheap cable car rides with beautiful views.  These 6 options show off the greenery and terrain Ontario has to offer.  If you're looking for a reason to further explore our province, this is it.

Grab a friend and get some fresh air! :)

1.Whirlpool Aero Car // Niagara

This Aero Car ride will take you high above the Niagara River. You'll have a beautiful view of the whirlpool below from the antique aero car. Admission is also only $14.25.

2. Open-Air Gondola // Blue Mountain

This ride is actually a converted ski lift that will take you straight up the mountain. You will have the perfect opportunity to see the entire village and all the beautiful terrain. Admission is $16.00.

3. Centre Island Sky Ride // Toronto Island

This cable ride will take you for a trip around the Toronto Island overlooking the other rides, attractions, and the small river. Although this ride is on a much smaller scale, there is still some beautiful views to take in!

4. Fall Chairlift Ride // Calabogie

This ride will provide you with a beautiful view of the lake, and surrounding greenery. Calabogie is known for their beautiful fall colours, so we suggest visiting closer to the end of summer or early fall to really get the full experience.

Photo cred -@_wonder.full_

5. The Sky Ride // Toronto CNE

The Sky Ride at the CNE provides an amazing view of our city. This two person ride provides awesome photo opportunities, and a much needed break from the busy fair grounds. Admission is $5.00.

6.  Glen Eden Chairlift Rides // Kelso Conservation Area

During the warmer months Glen Eden Ski Hill offers Chairlift rides with a beautiful view of the escarpment. If you're someone who loves the outdoors and hiking, this is the perfect ride for you. Once you reach the top you can hike throughout the forest above and enjoy some awesome views of the GTA. Admission is $4.00

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