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6 Actual Things You Can Buy In Toronto That Got Left On The TTC Or Confiscated By Cops

In need of super cheap Ray Bans or an engagement ring?

Have you ever left something on the subway and wondered where it ended up?

Well, there is a rather good chance that it ended up on Police Auctions Canada, a virtual store where "seized, forfeited, or found" items are sold to the highest bidder.

The auction is a way to give perfectly good items a home, and you can score some amazing deals if you’re lucky. 

So, if you enjoy the thrill of outbidding someone on something you probably don’t need anyway, look no further.

Here's a list of some of the treasures you could scoop up right now.

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La Senza Panties 

Price: $13.55

Details: This bundle includes three pairs of panties that "appear to be in new condition."

Ray Bans 

Price: $46.00

Details: A stylish pair of designer sunglasses that appear to be in used condition, but for a very decent price.

Banana Republic Top

Price: $00.99

Details: A pleated front-top with the tags still attached and an original retail price of $69.99.

MonoPod Selfie Stick & Bluetooth Remote Shutter

Price: $00.99

Details: Up your selfie game with this cool gadget, still in its original packaging.

Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $301.75

Details: This 10K yellow gold engagement ring and matching band appear to be in good condition. The ring features a "raised brilliant cut diamond" in the center.

Daymak Kingston Electric E-Bike Scooter

Price: $85.25

Details: This used bike is in need of repairs and testing, and does not include keys or a charger. But, for just $85, it's a steal.