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9 Haunted Places In Ontario You Can Road Trip To This Fall (If You Dare)

You might have to call Ghostbusters when visiting these spots. đź‘»

9 Haunted Places In Ontario You Can Road Trip To This Fall (If You Dare)

These Ontario spots are cloaked in spooky tales and dark pasts, and they make for the perfect fall road trip.

If you're feeling brave, you can adventure to some of these haunted places and see if you discover anything lurking there.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Hermitage Ruins

Price: $11 per car

Address: 650 Governors Rd., Dundas, ON

About: Located in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area, the Hermitage Ruins has a long history and ghostly tale attached to its stone walls. During the 1800s, the building was home to a couple and their niece, who caught the attention of the coachman William Black. After he was refused her hand in marriage, William hung himself in the barn. He was buried at Mineral Springs Road and Lovers Lane, which is where the lane gets its name. Stories of William Black appearing in the night surround the ruins.


Fulford Place

Price: Prices vary

About: 287 King St. E., Brockville, ON

About: There's something sinister lurking in the immaculate rooms of this historic mansion. Resident Mary Fulford used to host séances in the home, one of which was even attended by Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. Mary was frightened of thunderstorms, and it's said that she can still be heard banging on the doors whenever a storm occurs.


Rochleau Court

Price: Free

Address: Kingston, ON

About: In Kingston, you can find a seemingly charming stone pathway that leads to several shops and restaurants. However, a gruesome ghost story haunts the place. According to The Queen's Journal, pregnant Theresa Ignace Beam was slain by her lover in the alley, and it's rumoured her bones lie underneath. Locals report that her ghost is still searching for her remains.


Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

Price: Ferry fee

Address: Toronto Islands

About: Dark tales swirl around this Toronto Islands landmark. According to Torontoist, a lighthouse keeper disappeared from his home one night in 1815, and it's believed that he was killed by two soldiers who had purchased his home-brewed beer. His body is said to lie in several graves near the lighthouse.


Jester's Court

Price: Prices vary

Address: 279 Queen St., Port Perry, ON

About: You may find yourself with an unexpected dinner guest while enjoying a meal at this restaurant. The spot is home to 'resident spirits' that may just sit down beside you.


Albion Falls

Price: Free

Address: 885 Mountain Brow Blvd., Hamilton, ON

Why You Need To Go: This waterfall is the scene of a tragic love story. According to an article on Urbanicity, a young girl named Jane Riley threw herself from the top of the falls in 1915 after the man she loved was forbidden to be with her. If you listen, you may still hear her spine-tingling cries.


Inn At The Falls

Price: $165 + per night

Address: 8 Mahaffy Ct., Bracebridge, ON

Why You Need To Go: You might want to sleep with the lights on at this spot. The ghosts of past resident Judge Mahaffy and his family are known to appear, but there's no need to run, as the Inn describes them as, "fun, playful and not spooky at all." There's even a Spirit Room where you might just find these phantoms.


Discovery Harbour

Price: $5 per person

Address: 93 Jury Dr., Penetanguishene, ON

Why You Need To Go: The area was once a British naval and military base, and it may still be home to some unseen inhabitants. Tales of moving chess pieces and a ghostly child in a window surround the place. In the summer, you can enjoy a ghost tour of the harbour, and in the fall, you can see it lit up with glowing pumpkins during Pumpkinferno.


Fort Henry

Price: $15 per person

Address: 1 Fort Henry Dr., Kingston, ON

Why You Need To Go: This historic spot is a prime place for paranormal activity. Many visitors report ghostly sightings, and it's said that one prisoner, who was hanged for his involvement in a rebellion, still roams about in his ragged uniform.


Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

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