A Coyote In Toronto Needed Help After It Was Found With It's Head Stuck In a Plastic Jar

A poor lil' coyote was found in Toronto with a plastic jug stuck over her head and it's a valuable reminder of why it's so important to dispose of our waste safely.

On Saturday, October 16, Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC) posted two pictures of the helpless animal on their Facebook page and noted that it was treated for dehydration before being released.

"The Registered Veterinary Technician found the tool she needed and went to work cutting away at the plastic as the frightened patient laid still," said the Facebook post.

"Although uninjured, the coyote was dehydrated and thin after not being able to eat while trapped in this state for some time. After a few days of fluids, nutritious food and close monitoring, the coyote was able to return home."

They also stressed the importance of getting rid of waste and recycling properly to keep our animal friends out of these predicaments.

"It's always important to thoroughly wash recyclables and discard them in a secure bin to keep our wild neighbours safe!"

If you find an animal like this coyote in need, you can call TWC's hotline 416-631-0662 for help.

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