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A GTA Landmark Just Made It Into The Guinness World Records Book & It's Not The CN Tower

When you think of record-breaking landmarks in Ontario, your mind probably wanders to the CN Tower, but the GTA's most recent record-breaker is not in Toronto.

Around 45 minutes east of Toronto, the city of Pickering just scored a Guinness World Record for the longest enclosed pedestrian bridge.

The Pickering Pedestrian Bridge is 250 metres long, "spans 14 lanes of highway 401, six live rail tracks, and a two-lane municipal roadway," and was completed by Metrolinx in 2018, according to the Guinness World Records.

The landmark took over a decade to plan, design and erect, and, along with being highly functional, it's not too shabby to look at, either.

At night, the bridge lights up with about 300 LED lights and even received the City of Pickering's 2019 Urban Design Award.

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A Guinness World Record has just been bestowed upon a very, very tall Canadian teen, and he truly stands head and shoulders above most of us.

Hailing from Quebec, 15-year-old Olivier Rioux clocks in at a neck-ache-inducing 7 feet, 5.33 inches tall, which has earned him a place in the 2022 edition of the Guinness World Records as the world's tallest living male teenager. That makes him taller than any of the Toronto Raptors players.

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Mayor In Durham Region's Red Zone Begs Outsiders To Stay Away

He's "very concerned" about Toronto residents flocking there to escape lockdown.

A city in Durham Region is asking non-residents to stay away — at least for now.

Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan took to Twitter to share a statement asking those who do not live in Pickering to avoid zone-hopping and stay home.

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One Of Ontario's Most Famous Flea Markets Just Closed Its Doors Forever

It's been running in Pickering for nearly 50 years.

The COVID-19 pandemic has closed another business in Ontario.

On Boxing Day, the Pickering Markets announced on Facebook that they will be permanently closing their doors due to COVID-19.

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Pickering Could Be Getting Its Own Airport

Mayor Dave Ryan supports the idea.

The proposal to build an airport in Pickering has been the subject of endless debate among residents in Durham and across the GTA. Mayor Dave Ryan recently affirmed his support for the idea in an article where he outlined a number of supposed economic benefits of having an airport in the east end.

"There is a golden opportunity for the federal government to recoup its initial $150-million investment, generate billions of dollars in new revenues, develop innovation clusters and create thousands of new jobs," he said. "While it may have been premature in 1972, a reliever airport will soon be needed to accommodate our burgeoning population."

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