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An Ontario Woman Set A Jigsaw Puzzle World Record & It Took Her More Than A Week

Many of us might feel like we didn't accomplish anything during this pandemic, but Belleville's Maxine Olive certainly doesn't feel the same way.

Olive recently smashed the world record after she completed a 40,320-piece jigsaw puzzle in 150 hours — nine straight days of hardcore puzzling.

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Olive has had the puzzle for a year, but she finally took the time and spent nine days — working for up to 15 hours a day — completing the puzzle.

Even at that speed, it took Olive a 34-hour final push — with  a single one-hour nap in there — to complete the puzzle.

She finished the puzzle in 150 hours — much better than the previous record of 423 hours.

"I can't express how satisfied I feel that I finally got to stop staring at that box and put the whole puzzle together," Olive told Narcity.

The puzzle — sold by Ravensburger and advertised as the "World's Biggest Puzzle" — is made up of 10 separate Disney-themed panels. When completed, it weighs about 40 pounds and is 22 feet by six-and-a-half feet.

"It took some willpower!" Olive admitted.

After filming the whole thing and streaming the attempt on Twitch, Olive plans to submit the footage to the Guinness Book Of World Records to see if she qualifies for the award.

But not satisfied with one world record, she's already eyeing a 50,000 piece puzzle from Kodak. There's just the one hitch, though.

"I don't think that would fit in my house!" Olive laughed.

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