Canada is home to plenty of champions. If you’ve ever wondered about the different world records in Canada, prepare to be surprised. The country holds tons of weird and wonderful awards and some are so bizarre it’s hard to believe they’re real at all!

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Canada is a pretty huge country, so it’s hardly surprising that there would be Guinness World Record holders living among us.

While the country holds some impressive titles that are perhaps expected, such as the world's largest snow maze and the most Winter Olympics ice hockey gold medals, it's also home to some pretty unusual records.

From extremely old pigs and extra-large naan breads, to chainsaw juggling and gigantic LEGO flags, Canada has all sorts of extraordinary awards under its belt.

Right now, a Canadian guy is even trying to break a world record by watching the same movie 120 times in a row.

Last year, 3,942 people gathered in one small town to create the largest ever human maple leaf.

There's even an all-time record for the most people making maple taffy at one time and the world's biggest ever Nanaimo bar.

Only in Canada, eh?

World's Largest Naan Bread

Who: Loblaw Companies Limited

Where: Toronto, ON

When: April 19, 2016

The details: Back in 2016, Loblaws created what can only be described as a monster naan. The whopping creation weighed a shocking 32 kilograms and was over 16 foot tall. That’s a lot of bread!

Most People Wolf Howling

Who: Great Wolf Lodge

Where: Niagara Falls, ON

When: July 1, 2017

The details: Ever heard hundreds of people howling like wolves? That’s what happened at Niagara Falls’ Great Wolf Lodge in 2017. Over 800 people howled simultaneously in honour of the 150th Canada Day. That’s pretty co-oooooooooooooo-ol.

World's Oldest Pig

Who: Ernestine The Pig

Where: Calgary, AB

When: July 11, 2014

The details: The world’s oldest pig ever resides in Calgary. Ernestine was born on July 17, 1991, and was almost 23 years old when she earned her Guinness World Record. You're doing great, Erne.

Largest Collection of Scooby Doo Memorabilia

Who: Danielle Meger

Where: Rocky View County, AB

When: March 21, 2018

The details: Jinkies, that’s a lot of Scooby Doo! If you thought your collection was getting out of hand, check out this one. Merger has a total of 1,806 Scooby Doo items after she began collecting memorabilia at 14 years old.

Interestingly, it was a Vancouver resident who held this same record before Merger took over in 2018.

Most People Making Maple Taffy

Who: Festival Beayceron De L'erable

Where: Saint-Georges de Beauce, QC

When: March 16, 2014

The details: It doesn’t get much more quintessentially Canadian than this. Back in 2014, 495 people gathered in Quebec to make maple taffy at the same time. Not only did they break a record, they got a delicious treat at the end, too!

Greatest Distance Travelled Whilst Juggling Three Chainsaws

Who: Ian Stewart

Where: Truro, NS

When: May 16, 2017

The details: This Canadian obviously likes to live his life in the fast lane. Steward travelled 50.97 metres while juggling three chainsaws back in 2017. The Nova Scotia local also holds the Guinness World Record for most juggling catches of a chainsaw and two balls. Eek!

Largest LEGO Brick Flag

Who: Legoland Discovery Centre Toronto

Where: Toronto, ON

When: June 28, 2018

The details: Canada is a pretty proud nation, and this record proves it. The largest ever LEGO brick flag displays the maple leaf and it’s 11 foot high and 21 feet wide. It’s made up of a whopping 248,062 tiny bricks and it was built in honour of Canada Day 2018.

Longest Marathon Playing Street Hockey

Who: Hockey For Life

Where: Lethbridge, AB

When: August 24, 2008

The details: Ever felt tired after a hockey game? Not this tired! The longest ever street hockey marathon was a lengthy 105 hours and 17 minutes, which is around four days long. It was held as part of the Hockey For Life fundraiser in 2008 and the game ended with a score of 2,524 to 2,489.

Most Nails Inserted Into The Nose In 30 Seconds

Who: Burnaby Q. Orbax

Where: St. John's, NL

When: July 16, 2015

The details: While it's certainly not a spectator sport, this guy managed to shove a ridiculous 15 nails up his nose in 30 seconds, back in 2015. He broke his own original record of 13, which is as impressive as it is totally gross!

Largest Ever Nanaimo Bar

Who: Ella Kurtis & Austin Kurtis

Where: Levack, ON

When: March 5, 2020

The details: It’s only right that the largest ever Nanaimo bar was created in Canada, as it is a truly Canadian dessert after all. These youngsters made the gigantic 240.94 kilogram treat to raise money for a local splash pad. It looks pretty tasty, too!

Biggest User Of The Poo Emoji

Who: Canada

Where: Everywhere!

When: 2015

The details: While Guinness World Records don’t have an official award for this just yet, they say Canada is the nation that officially uses the poop emoji the most. It’s not clear exactly what this says about Canadians as a whole, but we’ll take the recognition regardless!