A Man Refused To Leave A Toronto Skating Rink For The Zamboni & Caused A Scene (VIDEO)

He looked ready to tussle over his ice time!

A Man Refused To Leave A Toronto Skating Rink For The Zamboni & Caused A Scene (VIDEO)

Lots of people are passionate about skating and maximizing their time on the ice — but maybe not as much as this guy.

On January 4, at the Nathan Phillips Square skating rink, a man refused to leave the ice and allow the Zamboni to do its job and smooth the rink out for skaters.

A video of the altercation was captured and posted on TikTok on January 5.

@nagardudar Person Refusing to Get Off The Ice, Nathan Philips Square, Toronto Canada, January 4th 2021
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The video appears to show a man side-stepping on his skates in little hops with his fists raised towards another person who is also on the ice.

Another individual quickly runs in from the side, and a third individual, who appears to be a city worker, comes up from behind the other in a yellow and orange vest.

Off the ice, another person yells, "Hey, idiot, get off the ice!" as the camera pans to the Zamboni, which is slowly making its way towards the group.

As the driver passes the group, they yell out, "Hey, get off the ice."

The man can then be seen skating back to pick up what appear to be his gloves as the three individuals he was previously interacting with look to be in a heated conversation and remain on the ice.

The video ends there, so for now, we don't know what became of the skater or the other individuals on the ice, but the City of Toronto confirmed to Narcity that the events occurred on January 4 and said for their own safety, skaters should vacate city rinks while they're being cleaned.

"The City is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this interaction and how a City employee was involved."

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