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A Toronto Condo Elevator Was Found Spattered With Blood & Police Say It's 'Suspicious'

Sounds like something straight out of The Shining.

A Toronto Condo Elevator Was Found Spattered With Blood & Police Say It's 'Suspicious'
Toronto Associate Editor

Over the weekend, the Toronto Police Service was investigating a "suspicious incident" that involved a lot of blood at a condo building in the city.

On Sunday, September 5, TPS was called down to the York Street and Lake Shore Boulevard West area at 5:40 a.m. In a news release issued the same night, they reported that a "large quantity" of blood was found in the elevator and hallways of a residential building.

Some are speculating that the incident happened at ICE Condominiums, as the building recently made headlines after a former resident shared her harrowing experience of living there on TikTok. However, the TPS news release did not state the name of the building.

Narcity reached out to police on the morning of September 8, but they did not identify the building.

"It was a condo and I believe that the investigators spoke with who they needed to speak to," a media representative of the TPS told Narcity on the phone. "They're not concerned with what was located anymore."

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