A Toronto Realtor Made A 'You' Parody Video To Sell A Loft & It Went For Way Over Asking

The loft sold $157,100 over the asking price.

A Toronto Realtor Made A 'You' Parody Video To Sell A Loft & It Went For Way Over Asking

The Toronto market for stunning lofts is already pretty hot, but it may have gone up a couple of degrees thanks to a parody video spoofing Netflix's show You.

27-year-old Toronto realtor Sam Ghamsari made waves in the real estate community this week with his video listing for 90 Sumach St., Unit 421, gaining over 14,000 views on Instagram.

Ghamsari revealed to Narcity that the loft sold on November 8 for $1,357,000 and says the video contributed to the listings showings.

The property sold for $157,100 over the asking price with multiple offers placed on the property Monday night.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you've probably heard of the thriller series You, which follows an obsessive stalker prone to dramatic inner monologues.

Ghamsari, who has a background in marketing, says he usually makes videos for his listings, but this time he decided to get a little creative after watching the show.

What inspired the video?

"At first, it was just my girlfriend and I watching the show when I came up with the idea and then we just started writing the script," he said.

"Then I contacted a company called Gray Media who does quite a bit of these videos for real estate agents, and it all went down from there."

The video starts with Ghamsari lingering outside of the building as ominous music builds and voiceover in the style of You's Joe Goldberg starts to play.

"Hello you, look at the way the sun just hits on you. And now you've got my attention. I just want to make my way in," he says in the video.

Ghamsari continues his adoring monologue as he walks through the building and into the loft, pointing out notable facts and features along the way.

He stresses the building's cinematic history as a former CBC warehouse studio, the loft's 14-foot ceilings, polished concrete floors and other features as he explores the unit and declares he "can't lose" the loft.

Of course, anyone who has watched You knows that Joe's style of obsessive, possessive love can lead to jealousy and sometimes even murder.

The video plays with the show's dark theme and ends with another person coming in for a showing of the loft.

The door clicks open, and Ghamsari says, "What? This was my time. I didn't want to do this," as the screen fades to black and zooms to the outside of the building.

Will there be more videos in the future?

Ghamsari says the cinematic history of the building "made it feel like the right property" to try something new with and that he "couldn't believe" the reaction the video got online.

Ghamsari says the seller of the loft was happy with the video and actually started watching the show You because of it.

Looking ahead, Ghamsari says he will continue to do more creative listing videos for social media, so we can all keep our eyes out for more content.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.