These Stunning Toronto Lofts Are Selling For Under $750K & You Can Live In An Old Brewery

They've all got quirky histories.

300 Manitoba St., Toronto. Right: 99 Chandos Ave., Toronto.

300 Manitoba St., Toronto. Right: 99 Chandos Ave., Toronto.

Do traditional homes bore you? Are you looking for something more unique with a rich history behind it, perhaps? Of course, you are, you classy person, and here are a few listings you've been dying to scroll through.

According to a report by Strata, an online real estate company, five stunning hard lofts under $750,000 are hiding within the city's ever-depressing real estate market, and they could be yours.

Wait, what the heck is a hard loft? A hard loft is created when old buildings are repurposed into living spaces. As you can imagine, it leads to some pretty unique, even historical, opportunities for first-time home buyers.

The first unit, $679,000, located at 160 Baldwin St., Unit 202 in Toronto, offers its future owners a chance to live in an old 1920s school house that overlooks Kensington Market. That's a flex, teach.

160 Baldwin St., Unit 202, Toronto160 Baldwin St., Unit 202, TorontoPhoto via

Next is 155 Dalhousie St., Unit 510 in Toronto, a $749,000 unit that offers 775-square feet of living space and plenty of natural light, thanks to its vast warehouse-style windows. So, you'll get all the Vitamin D you need from the comfort of your living room.

155 Dalhousie St., Unit 510, Toronto155 Dalhousie St., Unit 510, TorontoPhoto via

If you live in Toronto's west end, this $649,000 hard loft, located at 99 Chandos Ave., Unit 201, will likely excite you. The stunning one-bedroom offers 800 square feet of beautiful living space and 12-foot ceilings. It also puts you minutes away from several breweries and goodie shops.

99 Chandos Ave, Unit 201, Toronto99 Chandos Ave., Unit 201, TorontoPhoto via

Are you looking to home a new family of three? Well, then 1100 Lansdowne Ave., Unit 210 in Toronto, worth $749,000, could be your new spot. The two-bedroom loft allows its residents to wander through an expansive atrium, the remnants of an old manufacturing plant. Whoa.

1100 Lansdowne Ave., Unit 210, Toronto1100 Lansdowne Ave., Unit 210, TorontoPhoto via

Lastly, we have 300 Manitoba St, Unit 208 in Toronto, a loft selling for $699,900 that allows its owners to breathe in the daily ghost fumes of the distillery it used to be.

300 Manitoba St., Unit 208, Toronto300 Manitoba St., Unit 208, TorontoPhoto via

In conclusion, if you're willing to think outside the box for your dream home, these unique finds could be the answer you are looking for.

Patrick John Gilson
Patrick John Gilson was a Creator with Narcity Media focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.