Here Are The Top Toronto Condos To Buy RN That Will Give You The Most Bang For Your Buck

If investing in a Toronto condo is part of your five-year plan, then you're definitely going to want to find out which places offer the best value.

According to a new report by Strata, determining if a condo is a smart investment or not comes down to two main factors: the cost per square foot and how affordable the maintenance fees are.

At the moment, the average cost per square foot for a Toronto condo is $887. But other factors, such as maintenance fees, also add to the "value" of the space.

One of the best spots to buy if you're looking for more bang for your buck is 1-82 Hargrave Ln. and 2102-2166 Bayview Ave. These spots cost around $736 per square foot (compared to the neighbourhood average of $951) and maintenance fees work out to 25 cents per square foot.

42-60 Curzon St., 97-101 The Queensway, 11 Everson Dr. and 1-121 Mondeo Dr. follow closely behind.

Out of those, Mondeo Drive, located in Dorset Park, Scarborough, is the cheapest with a cost of $492 per square foot and an average maintenance fee of 22 cents per square foot.

If you've always wanted to invest in Toronto but your pockets aren't quite deep enough for a condo, this tiny portion of land on the Danforth could be your next big investment.

Last week, a strip of land barely big enough to house Stuart Little was listed for $49,999, and Toronto real estate agent Anthony De Cesare told Narcity it has already received two offers.

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