The City of Toronto has issued a notice to residents about emergency siren testing that will be taking place on Saturday, July 24.

The sirens will be sounding off in Scarborough-Guildwood and Scarborough-Rouge Park and heard within a 1-kilometre radius. Apparently, they might be heard from even further away, depending on the weather.

The sirens will start at 5 p.m. local time and you can expect a "whoop, whoop" sound, five minutes of silence, and then another "monotone sound" that will go on for a minute.

This type of emergency alert is for chemical emergencies. "The 'whooping' tone is a siren warning that will be activated in the event of an actual chemical incident requiring emergency notification of businesses, schools and residents within the vicinity," said the City of Toronto.

"Residents and businesses should use siren testing as an opportunity to test their emergency preparedness. Residents should take shelter inside, turn off HVAC and other ventilation systems that can draw outdoor air inside the house (clothes drier, fans, window air conditioners, etc.), and close all doors and windows," the notice advises.

While your Saturday night may get interrupted, at least you'll know what to listen for in the case of a chemical emergency.

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