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At Least 2 People Were Arrested At Adamson BBQ Today After Chaos Broke Out (VIDEO)

One of the suspects was arrested for assaulting an officer.
Toronto Staff Writer
Adamson BBQ Protest Resulted In At Least 2 People Getting Arrested

A three-day protest at Adamson BBQ devolved into chaos on Thursday morning after police arrived on the scene.

UPDATE: As of 4:50 p.m., Toronto police have confirmed that Adam Skelly was one of the two arrested on scene.  

EARLIER: According to Toronto police, two suspects were arrested outside the Etobicoke restaurant. 

One individual was charged with obstructing police and the other was charged with assaulting an officer.

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On Thursday afternoon, Adam Skelley was spotted being led away from the scene in handcuffs. 

Skelley ignored the city's COVID-19 bylaws numerous times to reopen his food joint.

The restaurant owner took to Instagram on Monday to announce their plans to reopen despite Toronto and Peel's lockdown restrictions.

"Enough is enough, we're opening," Skelly wrote at the time.

Police have not confirmed if he was one of the two reported arrests.

Narcity reached out to the police for further information on the case. However, none could be given at this time.

    Patrick John Gilson
    Toronto Staff Writer
    Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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