Alek Minassian Has Just Been Found Guilty For The Toronto Van Attack

"He freely chose the option that was morally wrong."
Ontario Editor
Alek Minassian Has Been Found Guilty For The Toronto Van Attack

On Wednesday, March 3, the Ontario Superior Court revealed the verdict in the Toronto van attack trial

Alek Minassian, who killed 10 people and injured 16 while driving down several blocks of Yonge Street in North York on April 23, 2018, has been found guilty of all 26 counts. 

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The attacker previously pleaded not guilty to 10 counts of first-degree murder and 16 counts of attempted murder.

Justice Anne Molloy, who revealed the verdict, stated that his actions were "planned and deliberate" and "he chose to commit the crimes anyway because it was what he really wanted to do."

Minassian originally told police that his actions were carried out under the "incel movement."

However, his lawyer had argued that he was not criminally responsible for his actions due to his autism spectrum disorder.

Molloy stated that despite his disorder, Minassian was fully aware of his actions and knew they were considered "morally wrong."

"This was the exercise of free will by a rational brain capable of choosing between right and wrong. He freely chose the option that was morally wrong, knowing what the consequences would be for himself and for everybody else."

On March 18, 2021, the next steps for sentencing will be decided. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor