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An Ontario Driver Slept Through 3 Lights While Driving 'Drunk' & 'High' (VIDEO)

"Hopefully the impaired charge is the wake-up call he needs."

Toronto Staff Writer
York Regional Police approach driver asleep at the wheel.

York Regional Police approach driver asleep at the wheel.

An impaired driver in Aurora got an unpleasant wake-up call by York Regional Police after falling asleep at the wheel on Sunday.

The driver was "drunk, high and very sleepy," according to a tweet from York Regional Police and reportedly slept through three light cycles at Bayview and St. John's Sideroad.

An off-duty York Regional Police Police Communicator spotted the impaired driver at around 4 a.m. on February 27 and called in the driver's suspicious behaviour to police.

"I've got a car here that's uh – It's sitting at a light for its third cycle," the caller can be heard telling police in a video posted to Twitter by York Regional Police.

The officer switches their vehicle's emergency lights on and makes their way over to the scene alongside another police cruiser only to find a driver asleep at the wheel.

The officers position one police vehicle in front of the stopped car and one behind it before waking the driver up by tapping on his window.

"Keep your foot on the brake, ok?" said the officer. "Put your car in park."

The car jolts forward as the driver presumably wakes up from his ill-timed nap and rolls into the police cruiser parked ahead.

The officer then repeats himself and asks the driver to put his car in park and hand over his keys before asking, "How much have you had to drink tonight?"

"Nothing?" the officer prompts.

"No...Uh...Only..." says the driver before trailing off into an incoherent mumble.

The officer opens the car door, confidently assures the driver of their less than sober state, and arrests him for impaired driving.

The video cuts to show footage of the driver's car being towed away, and the caller on the line can be heard softly exhaling before saying, "It never ends, does it?"

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