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BC Is Getting All Pumped For Trick-Or-Treating While Ontario Has FOMO

Halloween is still a thing on the West Coast.

Halloween might be different in Ontario this year, but that hasn't stopped B.C. trick-or-treaters from taking to social media to give us all a bad case of FOMO.

Canada's western-most province has managed to keep its case numbers down, avoiding the higher case counts amid the second-wave that has plagued Ontario this month. 

Due to this, B.C. residents have the privilege of going candy hunting this year, and it's hard not to feel a little envious. 

Especially for those in Toronto, Peel, York and Ottawa, who are being told to stay home this Halloween

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Currently, B.C has a total of 11,851 cases of COVID-19. Yet, Ontario has clocked in at 65,896. 

As the second wave hit parts of Ontario hard, like Toronto, restrictions have been put back in place. 

Currently, B.C is reporting nearly 200 cases a day, while Ontario is reporting around 700. 

B.C.'s top doctor credits the province's lack of outdoor restrictions for keeping case numbers low and controlled.

Due to this, B.C has made trick-or-treating a low-risk activity.

Ontario chose to pull the plug on trick-or-treating in the province's current hotspots.