Toronto Saw Over 70 International Flights With COVID-19 Cases This Month

Canada's mandatory quarantine hotels come into effect on Monday.
Toronto Saw Over 70 International Flights With COVID-19 Cases This Month

Throughout the course of this month, a significant number of COVID-19 cases on international flights to Toronto have been logged by the federal government.

Over 70 flights from around the world have arrived at Canada's busiest airport with confirmed infections on board in just over two weeks.

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73 International flights with confirmed cases since Feb. 4, 2021

The destinations range from U.S. cities like Charlotte and Chicago to faraway places like Cairo and Delhi.

Only a selection of rows on these flights was at risk of exposure, however, some of the flights have the affected rows listed as "unknown."

There have also been dozens of domestic flights with infections on board that have arrived in the city this month.

Last month, a select group of flights to Toronto and Montreal had warned that passengers in all rows could have been exposed to COVID-19.

This comes a few weeks after the federal government ordered all international flights to land at one of four major airports across Canada, including Pearson.

Ontario also recently announced mandatory COVID-19 testing for all incoming international travellers at Pearson Airport.

Starting on February 22, travellers arriving in Canada will be required to stay in government-approved hotels while they await their test results.