Crumbl Cookies Just Opened In Toronto With A Line Down The Block & Here's Why It's So Popular

Canadians used to drive to the U.S. just to get a taste! 🍪.

​Crumbl Cookies in Toronto.
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Crumbl Cookies in Toronto.

Cookie monsters rejoice! Crumbl Cookies, a beloved chain from the United States, has finally opened its doors in Ontario and the lineup on its first day was so long.

The famous and TikTok-viral American cookie spot opened its first shop on this side of Canada Friday outside of Toronto, and the baked goodies look mouth-watering.

The new shop can be found at Heartland Town Centre, 5985 Rodeo Drive, Mississauga, and even though it's not in the downtown core, people started lining up in the early hours of the morning on Friday.

Narcity's Ashna Bharkhada was at the grand opening on Friday, and she reported that one person made the trip from London, Ontario to be first in line at 4:30 a.m.

Lined-up customers shared the many reasons why they showed up for Crumbl's grand opening, including pregnancy cravings, getting their hands on the popular pebble cookies and simply being excited to have the U.S. brand closer to home.

"I've been wanting to go to Crumbl for months and I'm so happy it's finally here," a fan who has seen it on TikTok said.

Inside of Crumbl Cookies in Toronto.Inside of Crumbl Cookies in Toronto.Ashna Bharkhada | Narcity

What can people expect from the Canadian Crumbl Cookies? In an interview, Jason McGowan, the CEO and co-founder, said, "You can expect the world's best cookies with a little local flair."

McGowan is also Canadian, so he wanted to bring Crumbl back to his Ontario roots, which makes this an even more exciting opening.

An Ontarian who was in line said they'd had the cookies many times in the U.S. before and were happy they finally opened in the province. They describe the cookies as "freshly-made, sizes are big, easily shareable between 3 or 4 people, and the service is amazing."

The fan knew exactly which cookie to get and it's the original chocolate chip.

Crumbl Cookies.Crumbl Cookies.Ashna Bharkhada | Narcity

Crumbl Cookie has often gone viral on TikTok and people used to drive from Toronto to Buffalo just to give them a try. Now, TikTokers are thanking the company for coming to the 6ix.


Thank you @Crumbl Cookies for saving me that 2 hour drive and finally opening in Ontario!! #torontolife #torontoinfluencer #influencerevent #torontofood #crumblcanada #ontariofood #torontorestaurants

The first ever store opened in Utah in 2017 and since then, "Crumbl has expanded to over 800+ bakeries in 49 states, making it the fastest-growing cookie company in the U.S.," according to their website. They started expanding into Canada in 2023 and currently have four Canadian shops on the map: two in Alberta, one in Saskatchewan and this new one in Ontario.

Crumbl Cookies in pink box.Crumbl Cookies in pink box.Ashna Bharkhada | Narcity

Famous for its pink box and a weekly rotating menu, this spot has made many people online happy and excited about the new flavours, which are announced on Sundays.

The first Canadian location opened in Edmonton in March, but they slowly crept into Ontario, making another remarkable appearance.

Enjoy the cookies Torontonitans, and let us know what your favourite flavours are!

Mira Nabulsi
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Mira Nabulsi is an Associate Food & Drink Editor for Narcity Media focused on all your favourite eats and is based in Toronto, Ontario.