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Dashcam Captures Toronto Woman's Disturbing Racist Encounter With An Angry Driver

A man can be seen yelling racial slurs and spitting at a woman.

Dashcam Captures Toronto Woman's Disturbing Racist Encounter With An Angry Driver

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

A Toronto woman has posted dashcam footage of her racist encounter with an angry driver to YouTube, and she told Narcity she plans to press charges.

Student nurse Michelle Kyi said the incident occurred around 2:00 p.m. on September 15, when she was driving near a construction site in North York.

In the video, a man driving from the opposite direction can be seen honking at her, signalling her to move out of the way. Upon explaining that she couldn't reverse due to a large truck parked next to her blocking her way, the man proceeds to exit his vehicle, and he can be seen yelling at her and calling her names and racist slurs.

"I was telling him to move back so that we all move forward and then you can go," Kyi told Narcity over a phone call. "He was just very aggressive from the get-go, and he was asking me where I'm going."

"I was trying to be calm, but he was really getting to me because he started making fun of me and mocking me," she said.

The video shows the man get in back in his car, before pulling up beside her and yelling further. "He jumped the curb and started calling me slurs," Kyi said, "And then he spat from his car towards me and got onto my face."

Kyi returned home and was talking to her boyfriend, who mentioned that he'd left their dashcam on, which meant they had evidence for a legal case. "I had a class right after so I haven't gone through the process of reporting to the police," she told Narcity.

"Asian women are targeted every day. It's insane like how it has become," the student added. "It was kind of traumatizing because he's a big guy coming on so close to me, and then deciding to do something you wouldn't do to a dog, so to do that to a person? I mean, words hurt, but to do that to a person in a pandemic?"

The 29-year-old said she wants to bring awareness to the situation. "I want to press charges. I don't want this to go unnoticed. I don't know how many people this guy has done this to because that didn't get caught on camera."

In her video description, she has asked anyone who knows the man to get in touch with her.

The man spitting on her has left her worried about her health and she plans on getting tested for COVID-19.

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