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Here's How Much Money You Need To Make A Year To Be Able To Afford A House In Toronto

And you'll need to make it every year for almost a quarter of a century. 😬
Down Payment On A House In Toronto Takes $150K A Year & 289 Months Of Saving, Report Says

We hope you weren't planning on dining out in Toronto at any point in the next 24 years.

New data from the National Bank of Canada (NBC) says that's how long it might take you to save up to put a down payment on a house in Toronto.

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289 Months of saving to afford a Toronto down payment

According to the data, a representative Toronto "non-condo dwelling" costs $1,039,438 right now, and the household annual income needed to afford that home is $178,500.

If you put 10% of that aside each month, it will only take 289 months (or 24 years) to afford the down payment. 

Even if you want to buy a condo in Toronto, you'll need to earn $124,335 a year and save up for 4 years to afford a down payment.

Luckily, homes outside of Toronto are cheaper — but not by too much.

If you live in Ottawa/Gatineau, for instance, you can afford a down payment on a house by earning $110,587 a year and saving up for 39 months.

And if you're in Hamilton, you only need to make $144,188 a year for 63 months to afford a down payment on a house. Easy!

Just be glad you don't live in Vancouver, where it will take a $230,488 salary and 409 monthsyes, 34 whole years — to get yourself a down payment.

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