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7 Bizarre Toronto Homes That Leave Us With Way More Questions Than Answers

Architects of Toronto, please help us out here.
7 Strangest Homes In Toronto That Leave Us With Way More Questions Than Answers

If you're in the mood for being puzzled, then we'd like to introduce you to the strangest homes in Toronto.

Toronto is no stranger to strange, whether it's odd people or weird events, but these houses will leave you scratching your head and wondering what on earth the architect was thinking.

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The Copper House

Address: 13 Lyndhurst Ct., Toronto, ON

Description: First, a bizarre Toronto house for the future. This house that's seemingly made of copper has been in construction near Casa Loma since May 2019, according to Google Maps, but it's already making a good case for the oddest Toronto house.

We're just excited for the Narcity article 20 years from now which shows how green this house has gotten!

Terracotta House

Address: 20 Jerome St., Toronto, ON

Description: Speaking of weird housing material, Toronto's Terracotta House in the Junction is a sad tale of one of the city's most unique homes turning into yet another trendy detached house.

But the new house does pay a small tribute to its amazing ancestor in the form of four terracotta tiles in its exterior. A nice touch!

Hydro Homes

Address: Multiple across Toronto, ON

Description: The house at 555 Spadina certainly doesn't look like it belongs on this list, but it's what's on the inside on the counts.

The house is one of several Hydro Homes around Toronto, which are fake homes built to house big residential transformers.

According to 50 Toronto Hidden Gems & Curiosities, there are dozens around the city, but you'd be hard-pressed to notice them without knowing they're there.

The Heintzman House

Address: 166 High Park Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: The Heintzman House on High Park Ave. is a really interesting piece of Toronto architecture next to a Toronto park with its own mysterious secrets.

Featuring some fun tiling, the biggest question is why the house needs a tall white tower. Whatever the answer, it certainly looks great.

The Million-Dollar Shed

Address: 300 Euclid Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: Famous for all the wrong reasons, this tiny Toronto shed made headlines in July 2020 when it was listed for $999,000.

But the property on Euclid Avenue in Little Italy ended up selling for almost double that, according to CTV, who reported that someone had paid $1.8 million for the shed only a week after it was listed.

The Lego House

Address: 156 Coxwell Ave., Toronto, ON

Description: Another sad story of a once-interesting house becoming trendier and more boring as a result, "The Lego House" used to be a wild and colourful treat in East Toronto.

It's definitely still funky now, but there's something about that patchwork colouring that's hard to beat.

The Cube House

Address: 1 Sumach St., Toronto, ON

Description: Perched just beside the Don Valley Parkway, Toronto's cube house is one of the most mind-boggling constructions you'll ever see.

Built in 1996, according to the Toronto Star, the house is a tribute to the Piet Blom cube homes in Rotterdam, Netherlands, our version is a true Toronto landmark.

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