How far would you go to save a wild animal? That’s the question, Steve Morin, a seasoned angler, was forced to ask himself when he came face to face with a drowning Ontario moose. The fisherman ended up conducting a rescue mission to save the struggling animal, and the heartwarming moment was captured on video. 

In the video, Morin and his friends can be seen attempting to guide a moose back to shore earlier this week. 

The massive creature was spotted swimming in circles in Lake Superior.

However, it quickly becomes clear that the disoriented animal is struggling to stay afloat.

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The fisherman then makes the risky decision to grab the massive creature by its antler and slowly drag it back to land.

Thankfully, the daring rescue pays off, and the video concludes with the fatigued animal walking back onto a nearby shore.

"He was swimming in circles out in Lake Superior and was in need of immediate assistance. Very sick fella but he made it one more day!" the Facebook post reads. 

So, what was a moose doing swimming way out in the middle of a lake?

According to Wayne Benoit, the man who caught the rescue on film, the animal was exhibiting strange behaviour, which he believes could be the result of a deadly parasite.

“The morning it happened it was very foggy, and I didn’t notice the moose until the fog lifted, I thought it was a tree at first," Benoit told Narcity.

"The moose was swimming in circles and was about 100 yards offshore. I don’t know if it had that brain worm disease, but he was blind in one eye, and he didn’t look good.”

Saskatchewan's website reports that brain worm or moose sickness is a “parasitic roundworm” that is thought to be responsible for a decline in the animal’s population in North America.

However, this isn't the only rescue mission that has been caught on camera. 

Last month, a Saskatchewan man’s multi-day rafting trip turned into an adorable sight.

The man found a coyote pup floating in a river, he was able to rescue it and the two became fast friends.