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Adamson BBQ Will Have Indoor Dining Again Today Despite Being Ordered To Close

They were mandated to shut down on Tuesday by Toronto's Chief Public Health Officer.
Adamson BBQ Will Have Indoor Dining Again Today Despite Being Ordered To Close

After an eventful day of demonstrations and visits from Toronto Police and bylaw officers, Etobicoke's Adamson Barbecue has announced that they will once again open for indoor dining today at 11:00 a.m.

The restaurant was mandated to close by Toronto's Public Health Officer yesterday afternoon.

But that isn't stopping owner Adam Skelly, apparently. An Instagram story promoting "Etobicoke. 11 a.m. to sold out. Dine-in," was posted last night. 

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adamsonbarbecue | Instagram

A second Instagram story was posted Wednesday morning to promote its opening today.

On Tuesday, the Adamson Barbecue property was flooded with patrons, supporters, protestors, media and, eventually, police.

Even Premier Doug Ford addressed it, saying while he can't be angry with Skelly, he wants him to shut down and comply.

"I can't get angry at any business person, they're hurting right now and they're struggling," said Ford. "But, I just want the guy shut down."

It seems that if today goes as planned for Adamson Barbecue, it will be another opportunity for the City of Toronto to take action and shut them down the hard way.

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