Gary Trent Jr. Reveals The Funniest Toronto Raptors & Their Change Room Antics (VIDEO)

Scottie Barnes, OG Anunoby, and Fred VanVleet made the list.

Gary Trent Jr. Right: Toronto Raptors.

Gary Trent Jr. Right: Toronto Raptors.

The Toronto Raptors are well known for having some big personalities on the team, but who's the class clown?

Narcity asked Gary Trent Jr. who the funniest player on the team is, and the Raptor couldn't narrow it down to just one, although Scottie Barnes was the first that came to mind at the KFCourt on February 9.

Trent Jr. visited the court which is open to the public at The Bentway until Feb 22 as part of KFC's #BucketsAreLife campaign.

"Everybody has their days, you know. I would say Scottie is a character. You know, big personality. OG funny, He got a different persona. Everybody got their days, though," he said, giving a nod to another Toronto fan favourite in Og Anunoby.

Trent Jr. couldn't narrow down one specific moment, but he sure had a lot of examples of Anunoby getting some laughs from his teammates.


Toronto Raptors star Gary Trent Jr. shared who the funniest player on the team is, and the Raptor couldn't narrow it down to just one! 🏀 #garytrentjr #oganunoby #scottiebarnes #fredvanvleet #torontoraptors

"A highlight that was something funny would have to be... I don't got an exact moment, but anytime OG makes a joke or OG's singing or OG is getting into game mode listening to The Weeknd/ EDM, that turns him up, and he'll get to singing and dancing in the locker room."

Trent Jr. also gave a shout-out to a few other honourable mentions.

"I'll say Malachi Flynn funny, Fred VanVleet is comedy. You know what I'm saying, everybody funny."

When Trent Jr. is off the court and not laughing it up in the locker room, he does have a few favourite restaurants he visits in the city.


Toronto Raptors’ Gary Trent Jr. shares his favourite Toronto restaurants! 👀 🍝 #torontoraptors #nba #raptors #garytrentjr #torontolife

"My three favourite Toronto restaurants would be shoutout PAI, super flame, shoutout Sotto Sotto, Harbour 60. There are too many great restaurants – There's a lot of great restaurants here."

So while you can't be a fly on the wall for all of the Raptors inside jokes you can eat like one.

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.