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IKEA Is Opening 3 New Spots In Ontario But They Will Look Different Than The Normal Stores

You can experience a whole new type of furniture shopping.

IKEA Is Opening 3 New Spots In Ontario But They Will Look Different Than The Normal Stores

IKEA is opening new locations in Ontario following the success of its Oshawa Design Studio, which opened last month.

According to IKEA Canada, three new Design Studio locations will open in Brampton at 25 Peel Centre Dr., St. Catharines at 221 Glendale Ave., and London at 1680 Richmond St. N.

The IKEA Brampton Design Studio will be the first to open on October 14, 2021, followed by the St. Catharines and London locations, which will open in late October or early November.

However, these new stores will look a little different than what you're used to. The studios are a new concept that lets customers "design and order complex home furnishing systems" by booking one-on-one appointments with an IKEA design expert or digitally via a self-service planning station.

It's also worth noting that the studios are significantly smaller than normal IKEA locations and food and furniture aren't available for immediate takeaway. Instead, any orders made can be delivered or picked up at another IKEA pick-up location.

"Our ambition is to become more accessible to Ontario residents by bringing IKEA closer to them and offering new, convenient services that meet the evolving demands of our lives at home," said Toronto Area Manager Niclas Karlsson-Järnkrok.

In Ontario, a vaccine passport is required to access some events, services and businesses, including restaurants and bars.

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IKEA Canada launched its first design studio in Oshawa earlier this month, and now people in the GTA will have one more spot to get their Swedish furniture fix.

The design studio will allow customers to order "complex home furnishing systems for the kitchen, bath, bedroom and living room by scheduling one-on-one planning sessions with a trained IKEA design expert or via a self-service planning station in a dedicated studio space," according to a press release.

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