John Tory Urges All Toronto Condo Buildings To Make Masks Mandatory

Residential areas are not covered by the City's current bylaw.
Mandatory Masks In Condo Buildings' Public Areas Must Come Soon, Says Tory

John Tory hopes to soon see mandatory masks in condo buildings introduced in Toronto, he said on Monday, July 20.

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The Mayor said he has written to the Greater Toronto Apartment Association (GTAA) to urge them to enforce compulsory face coverings mask rules in rental buildings' common areas.

July 7

Masks have been mandatory in indoor public spaces only in Toronto for two weeks now.

Tory noted that a City bylaw now requires everyone to wear masks in indoor public areas like shops and malls. However, that does not apply to private or residential settings right now.

The mayor, though, stressed the need for extra care in areas like "the lobbies, the laundry rooms, and the elevators" of condo complexes, which are used by numerous people each day.

He added that some condo buildings, like his own, have put up signs asking people to wear masks but he wants that policy to be firmed up by the GTAA. Tory doesn't know if the City can create a bylaw enforcing it legally city-wide, but he noted it would only help Toronto join other areas of the GTHA in reaching stage three.

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