Grab a box of tissues! A Niagara SkyWheel proposal garnered an unexpected crowd last weekend and had the lucky lady "bawling her eyes out". In a video that was shared of the special moment, the question was spelled out on the pavement for her to read when they were at the very top of the ride. 

The groom-to-be, Daniel Doan, told Narcity about the life-changing moment. 

He had taken his then-girlfriend, now fiancée, to the spot on September 5 to celebrate their anniversary. 

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"I decided to propose at the SkyWheel because this was where I took her on our first year anniversary five years ago (on September 5th as well)," he told Narcity.

The evening was not like he had anticipated, initially picturing something a little more private, he revealed.

Ultimately, the public moment made the scene a memorable one, and helped to spread the love that night, Doan shared.

"The attention and crowd did make our day feel more special and grand... which is how a proposal should feel like!"

"My girlfriend (now fiancée) was extremely overwhelmed! On the wheel she was bawling her eyes out," Doan remembers. 

Doan stated that despite the gathering the romantic scene spurred, there isn't a single thing he would change about the special moment. 

"I wouldn't have changed a thing about that day... I'm really happy that we could put some smiles on some faces and shine a little light through these hard times," he stated.

The video clip shows the large crowd greeting the couple with cheers and applause as they get off the lit-up SkyWheel.

[rebelmouse-image 25994868 photo_credit="Daniel Doan | Handout" expand=1 original_size="1200x1600"] Daniel Doan | Handout

The two walked into the limelight hand in hand and throwing their clasp up into the air happily before Daniel got down on one knee. 

The future groom also had some tips for anyone else planning a proposal. 

[rebelmouse-image 25994869 photo_credit="Daniel Doan | Handout" expand=1 original_size="4032x3024"] Daniel Doan | Handout

"Advice to those that are planning on proposing, keep it authentic!... and have a plan B hahaha," he wrote.

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