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Ontario Casting Call Will Pay You $600 For Your Holiday Home Videos

A great way to make some money this holiday season.
Toronto Staff Writer
Ontario Casting Call Will Pay You $600 For Your Holiday Home Videos

If you have old holiday videos sitting around, it might be time to cash in on them. 

An Ontario casting call is looking to pay you $600 if you send in your existing or new home recordings. 

If selected, the videos would be used in a Metro Holiday campaign from November 12, 2020, to December 31, 2020.

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$600 Pay for a home video 

The casting call is looking to score personal footage from various regions, including, Toronto, Ottawa and Thunder Bay.

If you're from the 6ix, the company is looking for a small video of either a family celebrating in a condo or a video of a holiday moment outside a popular Toronto landmark.  

The casting agency is advising people not to wear clothes with huge logos on them for the shots. 

Jigsaw Casting told Narcity that submissions are due on October 21 at 10 a.m. 

This isn't the only commercial that has been asking Ontarians to do simple tasks. 

Another casting call was recently willing to pay $1,600 for you and your friends to drink wine. 

Holiday Commerical 

Salary: $600 per video

Company: Jigsaw Casting

Why You Should Apply: Spread some holiday cheer and get paid for it!

Apply Here

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