Ontario Convenience Stores Want To Be Able To Sell Booze & That Does Sound Convenient TBH

They're asking the province to let them sell locally produced beer, wine and coolers.

Toronto Associate Editor
Ontario Convenience Stores Want To Be Able To Sell Booze & That Does Sound Convenient TBH

Ontario's convenience stores are pushing to sell booze by local producers at all of their stores across the province.

In an open letter posted on October 7, the Convenience Industry Council of Canada (CICC) wrote to the Ontario government requesting to sell local craft beer, wine and coolers at convenience stores across the province.

More specifically, they're calling on the Ontario government to allow them to sell Ontario-made booze to boost business for the province's alcoholic beverage producers, as well as make buying alcohol more convenient for Ontarian consumers.

"Ontario's convenience industry is committed to helping local producers by selling 100% made-in-Ontario beer, wine, and coolers from now through 2022," Anne Kothawala, President and CEO of the CICC said in the letter. "Our stores are ready to offer new retail opportunities to these small businesses that help them emerge from the pandemic even stronger."

CICC's proposal will let convenience stores across the province promote and sell these products, which at 8,500 locations across Ontario, they say "can break down barriers to entry for Ontario's beverage producers and help them reach a broader market."

Back in 2019, Premier Doug Ford had pushed hard to make beer available at Ontario's corner stores, though no updates have been made since then.

Earlier this year in February, Ontario's 7-Elevens had filed an application with the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario for on-site liquor consumption at 61 locations.

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Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor