Ford's government announced on Wednesday that Ontario's enforcement blitz is being expanded to include even more stores and workplaces.

The province has announced that over 300 officers will participate in the crackdown, targeting restaurants serving takeout, essential establishments like gas stations, and farms.

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If we find any employers are putting the safety of workers and customers at risk, we will not hesitate to take immediate action. Labour Minister Monte McNaughton

Enforcement officers will be evaluating capacity limits, mask usage and sanitizing, among other measures.

"We know, from inspecting over 23,000 workplaces during 34,000 field visits, that the vast majority of Ontario businesses are following COVID-19 requirements to protect the health and safety of their workers," Labour Minister Monte McNaughton said.

However, not all companies are following the rules exactly as they should be.

Authorities fined Walmart, Costco, and Shoppers Drug Mart stores in York Region for non-compliance, which were $880 each.

The first enforcement blitz of 2021 will occur in Hastings and Prince Edward County while additional campaigns are being planned for 10 other communities.

Toronto could be getting noise radar cameras in response to a recent spike in complaints about loud drivers, so it might be time to replace that faulty muffler.

The motion, which was brought forth by Councillor Ana Bailao, argues that the city's noisy driver problem requires innovative and effective solutions while citing Paris' decision to pilot an automated noise radar system back in 2019.

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Ontario Has Hired 100 New Safety Inspectors To Help Enforce COVID-19 Vaccine Certificates

"Our government's inspectors will be patient, lead with education."

The government of Ontario has hired over 100 new safety inspectors to help enforce the new COVID-19 vaccine certificates.

The inspectors will be tasked with investigating workplaces in construction, industrial and health care settings to educate workers and businesses about providing proof of vaccination.

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This Is How Ontario Plans To Enforce The New Vaccine Certificate At Businesses

Businesses should call 911 for threats or violence over the certificates.

The Ontario government revealed its methods to enforce the province's new vaccine certificate with businesses today amid concerns of non-compliance.

According to the government, starting on September 22, 2021, businesses and organizations will be responsible for checking proof of vaccination and identification from customers.

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8 Ontario Police Forces Say They Won't Be Doing Random Stops With The New COVID-19 Rules

They now have the power to stop anyone who is outside their home.

New COVID-19 restrictions for the province involve heightened Ontario police powers, but eight forces have said they won't be doing random stops. 

Several police forces have commented on the new enforcement measures and addressed how they will be responding to them. 

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