Ontario Gas Prices Are Set To Drop Again & 1 Spot Is Getting Close To Under $2 A Litre

Hopefully, the downward trend continues.

A Petro-Canada gas station.

A Petro-Canada gas station.

Ontario gas prices are set to drop again on Thursday. Hooray! Unless you filled up earlier this week, then condolences. This news will probably make you kick rocks.

According to Gas Wizard, pump prices could drop by another cent on Thursday, June 16, 2022, bringing totals to an average of 206.9 cents per litre for most of the province.

If it happens, the slight dip will follow Wednesday's 5-cent drop, a notable reduction that brought cities such as Toronto, Hamilton, and Kitchener down from 212.9 cents per litre.

Of course, drastic drops that keep prices floating above the $2 mark aren't likely to excite Ontario motorists. However, there is one spot that is inching towards some actual savings.

Peterborough, the province's unofficial safe space for gas, could see things plop down to 201.9 cents per litre. Again, that may not seem worth celebrating, but considering the current climate, it's at least a start.

Oh, and if you happen to be a pouty resident of said city, whining about how things should be cheaper. That's fair enough, but at least you aren't paying those northern Ontario prices.

For example, drivers in the Greater Sudbury region are currently paying a whopping 220.9 cents per litre, a dismal figure that isn't expected to decrease anytime soon.

Thunder Bay is trailing right behind the hot spot area, offering residents a slightly less awful 210.5 cents per litre.

Bleak, right? Thankfully, help is on the way.

In April, the provincial government introduced new legislation that, if passed, would cut the gas tax by 5.7 cents per litre and the fuel tax by 5.3 cents per litre starting on July 1, 2022.

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Patrick John Gilson
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