Ontario Golf Courses Are Hiring Right Now & Some Jobs Pay $20 An Hour

You can score big at the golf course this summer.
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Ontario Golf Course Jobs Are Hiring & Will Pay You Up To $20 An Hour

If you're looking for a summer job, you might want to head down to the green. Ontario golf course jobs are now hiring and some will pay you up to $20 an hour. So pull out you resume and head down to your local putting space. 

If you have a passion for golf, why not make some extra cash while chilling on the green? 

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Several reputable golf courses across the province are currently offering well-paying jobs to those eager to work this summer.

From a beverage server to a locker room attendant to a shuttle cart driver, the possibilities are endless. 

What makes it even better, is a lot of the jobs are hiring those with no or little experience. 

So as long as you are willing to learn and bring a good attitude, one of these may soon be your new job. 

However, if golfing isn't really you're style, there are multiple other job opportunities across Ontario. 

Multiple wineries are also hiring, so you can earn a paycheque from hanging out a vineyard. 

If you are looking for a job where you can work from home in you pyjamas, some will pay you up to $100,000. 

It's time to get your resumes ready! 

Food and Beverage Server

Salary: $16 an hour

Company: Rosedale Golf Club

Why You Should Apply: If you're a people person who wants to make above minimum wage and enjoys the color green, you're going to dig this gig.

Apply Here

Chef de Partie

Salary: $18 to $20 an hour

Company: Islington Golf Club

Why You Should Apply: If you love cooking, this is the job for you. However, you do need three years of experience to apply.

Apply Here

Line Cook

Salary: $15 - $18 an hour

Company: Beacon Hall Golf Club

Why You Should Apply: If you like cooking, golfing, and making money, I think you'll fit right in.

Apply Here


Salary: $16 an hour

Company: Magna Golf Club

Why You Should Apply: We all have to wash dishes at some point in our lives. Why not get paid for it?

Apply Here

Men's Locker Room Attendant 

Salary: $15 an hour

Company: Rosedale Golf Club

Why You Should Apply: If you've got an eye for cleanliness and enjoy dealing with people on a daily basis, this is the job for you.

Apply Here

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Toronto Staff Writer
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