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House for sale in Sudbury, Ontario.

House for sale in Sudbury, Ontario.

Pretty well everyone has hopes and dreams of owning their own place, but how far would you go to be a homeowner? Would you drop a few hundred thousand on a home in Ontario that isn’t fully ready yet, and needs a lot of TLC?

Well, this fixer-upper in Sudbury, Ontario hit the market last weekend for $350,000, and it looks like a hot mess right now. The Hillside Avenue listing was put up on June 24, and it can fit a small family with its three bedrooms and one bathroom.

Aerial view of the Sudbury property.Aerial view of the Sudbury property.Terry Ames | Re/Max

"Great opportunity to finish your dream home or develop your very own investment property," reads the listing. However, you may want to watch your step if you check it out, because the kitchen has some serious debris with wires hanging from the ceiling. Yikes.

The kitchen.The kitchen.Terry Ames | Re/Max

The house, which was actually moved from another location, doesn't have any siding yet. But, thankfully, it does come with a brand new septic system. And, you won't have to worry about it going anywhere because it has freshly poured concrete.

The basement.The basement.Terry Ames | Re/Max

"No lights, must be shown in daylight," also reads the listing. So, maybe bring your flashlight? The house is set up to have a walk-out basement, so there will eventually be lots of light. The lot has a fair amount of green space too.

One of the other rooms in the property.Terry Ames | Re/Max

On the upside, anyone looking to move somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of the city will find that this neighbourhood touts a much quieter environment. Plus, the spot is super commuter friendly because it has great access to freeways, major arteries, and loads of parking by the property.

Unfortunately, there aren't a ton of parks in the area, and there are very few transit options. Good thing this property is listed as an investment project, that way you can clean it up and make it your own.

House for sale in Sudbury, Ontario

\u200bThe neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood.

Terry Ames | Re/Max

Price: $349,900

Address: 1170 Hillside Ave., Greater Sudbury, Ontario

Description: You can finish a preexisting build, and build on land with some green space.

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