When looking for an Ontario job, it's important to find one that will pay you enough money to live.

While that may sound easy, it turns out that most people actually can't afford to live off minimum wage. 

However, there are a bunch of Ontario companies that are living wage certified.

This means that they pay you the amount that you need to live in your region, as calculated by the Ontario Living Wage Network. 

Better yet, some of them are now hiring, and you don't need a lot of experience to apply. 

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Loading Crew Member 

Salary: $18.50 an hour

Company: Agway Metals

Who Should Apply: Anyone who doesn't mind working hard and is good with their hands.

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Member Services Representative

Salary: $17 an hour (Based on region)

Company: Pathwise Credit Union

Who Should Apply: If your knack for customer service hasn't got you any big paycheques yet, this position will change that.

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Salary: $17.21 (Based on region)

Company: Nature's Way Landscaping

Who Should Apply: Do you want to help people transform their property into something magical? Well, this well-paying gig lets you do just that.

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Entrance Screener 

Salary: $16.35

Company: Wequedong Lodge

Who Should Apply: You can help fight COVID-19 on the frontlines.

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Inside Sales Ninja

Salary: $17 an hour (Based on region)

Company: Copernicus Educational Products

Who Should Apply: You can make teachers' lives a little easier with this fast-paced job.

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General Labourer

Salary: $17.50

Company: Elmira Pet Products

Who Should Apply: Double-time on Sundays, voluntarily overtime and a benefits plan. What's not to love?

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