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Ontario's $600K Mansion For Sale With 20 Rooms Actually Used To Be A Funeral Home

It's definitely a conversation starter!

While one cheap Ontario mansion for sale is currently turning heads, it has a spooky past. 

The Victorian home, located in Dresden, Ontario, is currently selling for under $600,000 and is offering over 20 rooms. 

However, the house used to operate as a funeral home for 42 years before shutting down in 2016.

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Rick Pritchard | EXP Realty Brokerage

The former mortuary was owned by Tom and Linda DeBurger, who told Chatham Daily News that they were on call 24/7 when they were in business. 

As both of them went into retirement, the property went up for sale. 

However, the spot has even more history than that. It was originally built in the 1880s by a lumber dealer named Ed Huston. 

Despite its somewhat unsettling history, the property is undeniably a total steal.

The stunning Victorian mansion gives you tons of space and is cheaper than Toronto shoebox condos

Victorian Mansion 

Price: $599,900

Address: 620 Cross St., Dresden, ON

Description: A former funeral home that you can turn into your home. 

Rick Pritchard | EXP Realty Brokerage