Ontario outdoor activities could now reopen as early as next month, says Ontario's top doctor.

Christine Elliott, minister of health, rejected the idea that the province should allow all outdoor sports and activities to resume immediately at Queen's Park on Monday. However, she did appear to give residents an end date to the restrictions.

"We are reviewing the evidence on a daily basis speaking with Dr. Williams and others of our medical advisors, all our decisions are based on the data and clinical evidence, but today is not the day to do it," Elliott said. "It will happen on or before June 2."

Currently, outdoor amenities such as golf and tennis courts are closed to the public.

Despite these restrictions, Elliott is still encouraging people to get outside. "We do encourage people to get outdoors, enjoy this weather."

Ontario residents have been pushing for golf to reopen

Since the Ontario government announced that golf courses would remain closed under the extension of the stay-at-home order, many residents have been speaking out.

A petition, which has gained over 90,000 signatures, argues that golf courses provide an easier way to social distance than grocery stores and sidewalks.

On top of this, protestors were also spotted down at Queen's Park back in April, with golf bags in tow, demanding that courses be reopened.

One local resident has missed golfing so much, he even wrote a song titled "Ontario, Let Me Go (Play Golf)."