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Ontario Petition Asking Ford To Get Rid Of Restrictions On Outdoor Activities

Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for the Ford government to remove restrictions on outdoor activities in Ontario.

The province's latest stay-at-home order prohibits residents from participating in recreational sports and using some park amenities, like picnic areas. 

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In response, over 30,000 Ontarians have signed a petition in an effort to remove the government's restrictions on outdoor activities.

"Responsible, outdoor and physically distant recreation options are necessary for the health and well being of Ontarians," Dave Harris, the organizer, states in the petition's description.

The Ontario government had previously included children's playgrounds in its list of outdoor closures, but that decision was later amended.

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Doug Ford Is Now Reversing Some Aspects Of Ontario’s Stay-At-Home Order

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By Sunday, April 18, the government had revealed it would be reversing some aspects of the restrictions on outdoor spaces and altering the newly announced policing powers.

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Following the announcement of Ontario's playgrounds and outdoor activities closure, officials are calling out the new rules.

Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious diseases physician, tweeted that the closure "does not make sense" because the chance of transmission is low and "outdoor activities are vital for mental & physical health."

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