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Ontario Cops Are Fed Up With People Risking Death For Social Media Clout

People were caught filming videos on GO train tracks yesterday. 🙄
Ontario Cops Are Fed Up With People Risking Death For Social Media Clout

Police are making it clear that they are in support of the arts, but only if those arts are executed safely. Recently, there have been multiple instances of Ontarians putting themselves in potential danger, and for what? Social media clout, Ontario Police say.

On Sunday evening, Peel Police were called to Argentia Rd and Tenth Line in Mississauga for reports of people fooling around on the tracks.

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Once they arrived, they found two women dancing and taking selfies on the tracks, in an effort to film a video for social media.

“We’re big supporters of the arts, [but] we’re not supporters of people risking their lives for dramatic performances or social media status,” said Peel Police of the incident on Sunday.

The women were charged with trespassing.

Just hours later, Peel Police were called back to the train tracks for reports that three males were climbing on the tracks and the crossing arm. When they arrived, however, there was no one on the scene.

Narcity spoke to Metrolinx spokesperson Anne-Marie Aikins, who urged young Ontarians to stop the "silliness." 

"Young people think they can run faster than a train – they can’t," she explained.

"They think they would hear it coming – but sound follows a fast moving train and it will be upon you before you even are aware. [..] The risk is just not worth it to get some views or clicks."

Ontarians putting themselves in danger for social media clout, or internet fame, has become a bit of a trend as of late. 

To combat this trend, Peel Police started the hashtag #MakeBetterChoices. 

Just this week, traffic on the 401 was brought to a halt when a Toronto rapper Top5 decided to film a music video in the middle of the day.

He shared the video, entitled "401 takeover," to his Instagram account.

"We do not want to have to deliver tragic, life changing news to their families," said Aikins.

"This is already a very difficult time for so many people with the pandemic. Why add more stress to your families?"

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