The Ontario government has officially released its new vaccine timeline for different age groups. 

The initiative, which shows when the COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed, was announced during an update on Wednesday.

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3rd week of March 80+ set to be vaccinated 

According to Rick Hillier, head of Ontario's COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Task Force, those over 80 will be the first eligible. 

Vaccinations for this age group are set to start in the third week of March. 

75-year-olds and older will be able to get the vaccine starting on April 15th, with 70-year-olds and older following in the first week of May.

This will continue into the summer, with 65-year-olds getting their first dose in early June.

According to Hillier, vaccines will be distributed close to where residents live.

"When you go on to reserve a vaccination appointment, your postal code will bring up the vaccination clinics that will be closest to your address," Hillier said.

"Whether it’s a Shoppers Drug Mart in Orleans, Ontario, or [...] a drive-thru vaccination clinic at Canada’s Wonderland," he added.

Canada is expected to receive over 640,000 doses this week.

Ontario is now offering a select number of single dose Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines starting on Thursday.

The Ontario government announced on December 2 that the eligibility for COVID-19 vaccine booster doses will be accelerated for high-risk individuals and people aged 50 or older to give "an extra layer of protection against COVID-19 and its variants," according to a press release.

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