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Ontario Vehicle With Explosives Crashed This Morning & Police Evacuated The Area

Part of Highway 7 will be closed down for hours.

Ontario Vehicle With Explosives Crashed This Morning & Police Evacuated The Area

A fatal crash in Havelock, Peterborough, involving a vehicle containing explosives forced an evacuation and shelter-in-place for residents on Thursday morning.

OPP Central Region reported the crash this morning at 7:21 a.m. and said in a tweet that emergency crews were at the scene and explosive experts were "enroute to handle the situation."

An evacuation of the area was initially conducted but was later downgraded to a shelter-in-place, with police asking residents to stay indoors until the area is safe.

Police said the shelter-in-place was lifted at 9:17 a.m.this morning.

Part of Highway 7 is closed by the traffic lights in front of the Tim Hortons in Havelock and, according to police, will remain closed for "several hours."

Police have not released how many fatalities were caused by the crash.

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